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Do you and your employees have the insights and tools to leverage your talents and passions to reach your full potential in the current marketplace?

This 90 minute introspective and interactive workshop will actively engage you in developing a “personal brand” that is in alignment with your career goals, purpose, and passions.  You will have the opportunity to re-invent yourself, become inspired, and become a highly effective and sought after professional.

This program will cover the following important themes:

  1. How to be viewed as a value-added & essential part of the business
  2. Marketing yourself so you stand out in the crowd
  3. Connecting to your purpose & passion – changing careers
  4. Interviewing & networking tips

Target Audience: This seminar is ideal for individuals in job transition or seeking a career change, or any professional looking for future career growth that helps them to reach their full potential.

Group discounts are available to organizations offering this program to employees impacted by a reduction in force, or looking to develop their employees for future growth opportunities. This is a as an excellent compliment to, or alternative to outplacement assistance – with a significant cost savings to the organization.

“Bob Cooper’s seminar: Branding Yourself For Future Success is a MUST for any professional seeking to define the value they bring to the workplace.  In today’s economic environment, it is critical to develop your “personal sales pitch” so that you can articulate your value proposition to current and future employers and customers.  Bob’s seminar helped me to wade through the functional aspects of my professional experience and cull out the essential elements that bring value so that I could define my personal brand and position myself to be successful.”

Rachael Jones, MPA
AVP, Finance Analysis

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